NotaryCLOUD - Secure Cloud Storage

Automatically backup your notary files to secure cloud storage.

Synchronise multiple computers - home and work

Access your files from your smart phone, tablet and any any computer - Windows, Apple or both

If you are familiar with Dropbox® then you are familiar with NotaryCLOUD

What is the Cloud

The cloud, whether it is Dropbox, Google Mail, Microsoft 365 or other, is a bank of computers with lots of disk drives in warehouses anywhere in the world. It is called the Cloud because the large companies spread their data centres around the world so you din’t know if your data is in the Far East or the USA or anywhere else; and for ordinary use it doesn’t matter.

NotaryCLOUD is identical but on a vastly smaller scale. NotaryCloud is hosted on a dedicated industrial grade file server with multiple server grade hard drives and built in redundancy.


The reason for introducing NotaryCLOUD is security.

The licensing arrangements of the primary cloud hosting companies are based on laws outside the UK, and indeed the EU. Files are stored outside the EU and may not be subject UK and EU data protection legislation. These large companies ofter reserve the right to access and use the data for their own use.

NotaryCLOUD is only available to notaries and other lawyers; and it is owned and operated by notaries on the principal of no sharing of any information in any circumstances barring a court order.

NotaryCLOUD will be hosted in England with off-site backup in England.


If you do not have multiple computers to synchronise then use NotaryCLOUD as your reliable backup service. This can be with our standard synchronisation software or dedicated backup software. Ask for details.

Document versions

Up to 9 earlier versions of a saved document can be recovered from the servers without

Comply with the regulations

23. Duty to Keep Records
23.5 A notary who preserves records by means of a digital or other electronic system in accordance with rules 23.3 and 23.4 shall notify the Registrar of any username and password required for access to such digital or electronic system and the Registrar shall keep such information confidential.

NotaryCloud does not know your password, and cannot access your data without it; but can change the password in the event of your incapacity. We propose to approach the Faculty Office that users of NotaryCloud can be exempt from this requirement as the Faculty Office can access your records in the event of your incapacity or demise. This would mean that you can change your password as often as you wish without the need to advise the Faculty Office on each occasion.

25. Notaries Ceasing to Practise
25.1 When a notary ceases to practise as such then he, … or the person having possession or custody of the records maintained by him pursuant to rule 23, shall arrange for such records to be transferred:
25.1.1 to another notary in practice appointed by him or by his continuing notarial partners;

If you have held a NotaryCLOUD account for 2 years or longer then NotaryCLOUD will hold you electronic records indefinitely; which will comply with this rule. Files must not be individually password protected and must be in a standard file formats that should be readable for the foreseeable future.